8 April 1998

The following people were present:
Lindsay Forsyth, 101
Gordon Culliton, 102 by proxy
Simon Zirians, 105
Lisa Holly, 201
Bob Petersen, 202
Dee Driskell, 203
Jeannie Adams, 204
Clay Whatley, 301
Pat Gribble, 303
Rand & Davonna Cufley, 304

Old Business

The back debt was worked down from $2538.19 to $1167.14 since the last annual meeting.
The association has a signed agreement with the Zirians. It is a payment schedule to eliminate their back debt by the end of 1998.
The association's minutes, financial statements, bills, important condominium documents, etc. have been organized and compiled.
The association's financial history was compiled/reconstructed for the last 14 years (1984-1997)
non-skid tape was placed on all the back stairs.
The common areas were cleaned (including graffiti on the side of the building).
A Master Calendar was developed.
The roof/drain on the north side of the building was repaired that caused the flooding problem in unit number two of four and inside the back stairwell.
Got a new maid service which cleans the common areas in the building, as well as the front stairwell, back stairwell, front sidewalk, back sidewalk, in the alley, for less money than previous service. More service for less money!
Installed new latches and locks for the basement room doors

New board members were elected

president: Bob Petersen
vice president: Jeannie Adams
secretary: Lisa Holley
Treas.: Clay Whatley

New business

we reviewed and approved a proposal to publish the current listing of owners addresses and phone numbers for emergency purposes.

We approved the following new projects to be worked on completed.

  • Have a plumber look into the problem of unit 101 having laundry subs from the washing machines back up into the unit.
  • Get the basement sink unclogged.
  • Get an electrician to repair first-floor back stairwell light.
  • Get painting bids to repaint the outside front entry area stairwell.
  • Place nonskid strips in front stairway after it is repainted
  • clean common area interior walls and touch up the paint.
  • Get the basement carpets cleaned or removed, due to a mill doing problem
  • put trim back up over door between second and third floors
  • get painting bids for the back stairwell
  • develop a set of laundry room guidelines
  • revise board spending limits
  • get bids and refurbish the original outside light fixtures if not cost prohibitive
  • grounds
    • paving stones
    • put low fencing around the Southwest flower bed
    • develop a plan for planting flower beds.

We reviewed and approved the new operating budget.
The new operating budget includes a significant proposed increase to everyone's monthly dues in order to raise capital for a new roof, exterior painting, and chimney repairs. See the close budget for details.

Exterior painting: in the meeting, we agreed to give the board authority to get the north and east side of the building painted, based on two bids, one from Lisa Holly and one from Lindsay Forsyth.

  • Chimney repairs: we agreed that the chimney needs to be repaired to bids had been submitted to Davonna Cufley by contractors. The bids are listed below, and include references area and the prices include tax two:
    • Greater NW Chimney, $8000
    • safeguard chimney service, $4100

New Roof: everyone the meeting agreed that need to budget for a new roof. Currently, the roof consists of multiple layers. The following two options were discussed:

  1. remove the existing roof and replace it. We cannot add another conventional routing layer to the existing roof, since that would violate building codes. Cost: about two $5000. Note: approximately half the cost of putting a new conventional roof on our building come from handling hazardous waste disposal of the existing roofing layers.
  2. Place a newer, less traditional roofing system over the existing roof. Overall, this system cost less than a traditional route, since the existing roof does not have to be removed. Cost: about $17,000. Note: several things are not known about the system: durability, quality, like the system, and can the same system be layered on top of the system when the time requires new roof.

The group had difficulty coming to an agreement on which proposal to adopt which would then determine how much we need to raise the dues. We also had difficulty in determining when to plan for the new roof.

Therefore made a compromise to raise $20,000 the next five years to cover the cost of a new roof. As the time for buying a new roof approaches, another board can determine which system to use.

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