April 2000

Jo Marie Thompson, 101
Chris Kalinski, 103
Matt Roller, 104
Shea Salyer, 105
Dee Driskill, 203
Jeanie Adams, 204
David Vogel, 302
Patricia Gribble, 303
Lorion Flinn, 304

Old Business:

Matt Roller reported on the status of the roof policy being drawn up by the attorney. The following was agreed upon: all future structures to be built on the roof by owners of third-floor units must first be reviewed by a structural engineer to ensure integrity of the roof and building structure will be maintained. The proposed structure must further be reviewed and approved by all unit owners it said structure will be visible in any way from outside the building and would thus affect the aesthetic appearance of the building. The existing deck above unit three or four, and any future decks or structures must not exceed the boundaries of the unit below it to which it belongs. The owner of each roof structure will be required to carry an additional liability policy, naming the condominium association as beneficiary. Payment of the policy will be carried out by the condominium association accountant to ensure policy remains in force, and cost of the policy will be added to the unit owners home owners dues. Owner of each roof structure will be responsible for removing all deck materials, planters or other items, which must be removed performers maintenance, repair or replacement. Owners of restructures will be responsible for any costs incurred related to the need for more frequent roof maintenance, repair or replacement as a result of the roof structures. The attorney will finish drying up the regulations, which will then be distributed to all unit owners.

New business

window and exterior painting
it was agreed that the windows on all sides need to be re-clocked, sealed and painted. The rear stairwell needs repainting. Jo Marie Thompson will obtain bids and report

David Vogel will look into expanding recycling program to include class.

Noise guidelines
it was decided that no specific noise guidelines will be instituted at this time, but that each resident will cooperate with adjacent units to keep noise to mutually agreed-upon limits and times.

Wages for building cleaning and gardening
Jeannie requested, and was granted, a two dollar per hour raise, from $10-$12 per hour for cleaning and gardening.

Common area painting and flooring
it was decided that this project would be redressed when exterior painting has been completed.

Homeowner's dues
by unanimous vote, homeowner's dues were increased by 5%

Board elections
the following board members were elected:
Pres.: Shea Salyer
Treas.: Patricia Gribble
secretary: Jo Marie Thompson

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