18 April 2001


  • Lorion Flinn, 304
  • Bob Peterson, 202
  • Jo Marie Thompson, 101
  • Jeanie Adams, 204
  • Pat Gribble, 303
  • Will Lint, 301
  • Chris Kalinsky, 103
  • Gordon Culliton, 102
  • Shea Salyer, 105

Old business:


The question was asked why only the lower two rear door security devices were reinforced. It was reported that those are the two doors which were damaged in the break-in, and they were repaired per recommendation of the preparing locksmith. It was adjusted that bikes not be Visible in the basement common area as it may be a temptation for break-ins. Also raised was the concern that belongings in general should not be kept in the common areas as it sets a precedent which is difficult to limit. It was suggested that the common area closet next to unit 105, and under the stairwell in the basement be designated for bikes, with signposted, relieving the Association of all responsibility for the security of set bikes. All agreed.

All are reminded to keep the laundry room door locked, and to turn the light off when exiting.

The security lights above the back door have been fixed.

it is agreed by all but the noise situation is better, but not completely abated. One Association member queried whether the residents in general would like to be more relaxed about noise, or if there is general consensus that, given the thin walls and other acoustical dynamics, all should be respectful and exercise restraint in keeping noise to a minimum. It was agreed by all that restraint and consideration for neighbors is important.

Complaints against specific units:
one Association member raised the concern, that if behavior of particular resident is to be discussed at a general meeting, the resident concerned should be present if at all possible, and if not present, should be apprised verbally as soon as possible. There is general consensus that this consideration should be made.

Building insurance survey:
we are currently insured for approximately $110 per square foot, which may indeed be adequate, and we may be able to ascertain this without a full survey being conducted. Bob Peterson is still pursuing this and should hear back shortly

Electoral survey:
still pending. Lorion Flinn will follow-up on this issue.

Security lights exterior:
the rear door security lights have been repaired.

Shea Salyer is having a preliminary assessment done for Ally motion-Sensor lighting tomorrow.

**Interior painting: **
It is currently agreed to put the interior painting project on hold due to lack of funds

Roof/3rd floor wall damage:
there is a continuing concern that the crack in the third floor northeast corner interior wall related to a previous roof leak may need to be assessed by a structural engineer. Owner Chris Kalinsky will inspect and advise further if necessary.

It is suggested to create a separate bank account for the roof replacement scheduled for 2006. Treas. Pat Gribble points out that we earn a higher interest rate in all funds are kept in one account.

New business:

Jeanie Adams is resigning from her job as cleaning person, and catalog for the membership the duties she has been performing. It is suggested that your list be made and the work be done by all, on page. A vote is not taken, but there is general agreement. Lorion Flinn will investigate sure preferences of all in order to craft a chore schedule.

Jeannie Adams will have the carpet cleaned.

Pat Gribble will have the Windows wash.

it is suggested that the garden be available for all to use and work in. Jeannie Adams resigned from the responsibility for the garden and Lorion Flinn and Shea Salyer volunteered to take over. Laurie and advises that it is believed David Vogel would like to garden as well, but this is not known for sure. It is suggested that the large Bush like plants in the planter be removed and replaced with something colorful is agreed they should be removed, but others suggest replacing with herbs.

Late homeowner's dues:
a concern is raised regarding payment plan for late homeowner's dues. The treasurer reports a payment plan has been made.

New officers elected:
President: Chris Kalinsky
Treasurer: Pat Gribble
Secretary: Shea Salyer

Budget update:
a synopsis of current paid bills compared to budget expenses is provided. Bob Peterson points out that there are some errors. He will correct them and re-issue. Please watch for the new updated version.

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