24 January 2001

Will Lint, 301
Pat Gribble, 303
Jeanie Adam, 204
Matt Roller, 104
David Vogel, 302
Chris Kalinsky, 103
Shea Salyer, 105
Bob Peterson, 202
Jo Marie Thompson, 101

++Old business:

It was reported that as remedy for the odor on the first floor, the damaged in a closet in unit 11 has been completely removed, and the damaged carpet in one or two has also been removed. The odor seems to be gone at this time, although there is one complaint of any "musty" odor lingering. Ventilation will be discussed later

Complaints of this vocoder on the second floor continue, as well as use of the back stairwell and balcony as a disposal area for Ash and cigarette butts. The possible has renters, and there are additional reports of noise, and some disturbances, including one episode which warranted a call to police. A letter will be sent to prize the owner who is out of the country.

New business:

complaints are logged regarding loud noise issuing both from within units, as well as common areas. King County Code has been researched and the covenants invoked to obtain guidance regarding noise abatement. It is suggested that the Association adopt formal house rules including language regarding noise limits. It is decided that a letter will be drafted and mailed to all owners and tenants regarding noise limits, including appropriate channels to enforce noise abatement. It is noted that operation of a business from the building premises is a breach of covenants, and may be related to noise problems.

the building was broken into last week, and the bike stolen from a common area in the basement. A police report was filed. The two outside doors and locks, and the first floor door to the back stairwell and locked, are being reinforced. There is a suggestion to have police perform a survey and advise on security measures. There are reminders to check all lockers to be sure they have secure locking apparatus, to keep the laundry room door locked, and to not leave items in the hallway which may be visible through the back door window. David Vogel check into installing motion detector lights over the backdoor or fixing the existing light. Later in the meeting, Shea Salyer requested to install battery operated motion sensor lights in the alley, and the membership agreed.

Budget and home owner dues increase:
Bob presented the recently developed budget and proposed homeowner dues increases. It was voted unanimously to accept the 20% dues increase in order to adequately maintain the building, to include funds for a new roof in five years.

Electrical survey:
Jeanie is in the process of attempting to retain electrician to do the survey. David knows of someone, and will check into arranging the survey. It is mentioned that the front light on east side entrance is loose. David requested by an orchard ladder for safer entry way like changing, and the membership agrees.

Removing stuff from common areas:
it is noted that there are several items being stored in the walkway between storage lockers, and someone is using one of the locked basement rooms as a personal storage locker. Until we posted getting 30 days notice to remove the items, at which time they will be removed by the Association.

Carpet cleaning, window washing:
Jeannie will arrange to have the above items done in April.

Slippery front and back entrances:
it is decided to apply no-slip tape to the slippery areas on the front and back entryways. Jo Marie will purchase the tape and apply it.

Adequate building insurance:
Due to rapidly escalating building costs, it is felt that the building should be re-surveyed for insurance purposes. Bob will arrange this.

Front door/entryway:
the front door was patched this year, but the entry frame and door are deteriorating and will need to be replaced at some point. It is decided to address this issue with a lifetime of the current patches up. The ventilation issue will be addressed at that time, as the new entrance could be made with ventilation features.

Homeowners club:
There is unanimous disappointment with the services of the Homeowners Club and it is decided to cancel the membership.

the idea of exposing and refinishing the wood floors the common areas is presented. Carpet runners would be installed to prevent noise. The cost has been investigated, and would be comparable to installing new carpet, which is included in the budget projections. There is general agreement that this would increase the aesthetic appeal of the building. One drawback cited is the risk of damage to the wood during furniture moving.

Interior painting:
is agreed that the interior needs new paint. It is proposed that the membership does the work, and there are several volunteers. Jeannie and Matt will schedule a weekend in March to begin the project. Color schemes will be worked out later.

Roof policy:
David presents the information concerning the possibility of future structures being built on the roof by third-floor owners, summarizing the information given by the attorney. In order to obtain permission for additional structures to be built on the roof, written consent of 100% of the membership must be obtained, at which point an amendment to the bylaws could be instituted, outlining the procedure and guidelines to be followed in erecting and maintaining such a structure. The issue is discussed, and concerns aired regarding the risks of damage and unnecessary wear to the roof and structure, as well as issues of continuity and continued oversight by the Association to ensure structural integrity and maintenance as units change ownership. 100% consensus is not reached.

Additional concerns or stated regarding impact to roof of current roof structure and deck. It is suggested that the structure and duct be inspected by a structural engineer, to determine what adjustments, if any, need to be made.

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