April 2002

Gayle Condominium Association Meeting held April 17, 2002 at 7:00PM.

Introductions of all those present
#101 Ben Nation
#102 Ian Bryson
#103 Chris Kalinski
#104 Matt Roller
#105 Shea Salyer
#201 Lisa Holly
#202 Bob Peterson
#203 Denali Van Ness
#204 Jeanie Adams
#301 Will Lint
#302 David Vogel
#303 Patricia Gribble
#106 Frank Shields and #304 Lorien Flinn were not present.

  • Discussion of the failure to clean the building ourselves. Decision made to hire a cleaning service for the building allocating up to $200/month. Patricia Gribble will look for a service.
  • New light fixtures were put in the front of the builidng and the second floor hallway. David Vogel will replace the bulbs for these fixtures as needed.
  • Paint will be removed from the utility room in the next few weeks.
  • Neighborhood comments-Clean up after your cigarette butts
  • Matt Roller of unit #104 would like a late fee from one month to be forgiven. It was decided that this decision would be up for vote once a year. We voted it down.
  • Bob Peterson will look into a comparative accounting firm.
  • Shea Salyer will work on putting together a welcome packet for new owners with contact names, explanation of monthly dues and what it covers, and important information (passwords and such) about the building.
  • July 17th, 2002 is set for a carpet discussion meeting with samples and bids for replacing all the carpet in the common areas.
  • Ben Nation is looking into getting a load/unzone sign in front of the building.
  • The following people were voted to be the officers of the board.
    • David Vogel for President
    • Ian Bryson for Treasurer
    • Shea Salyer for Secretary

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

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