October 2003

Gayle Condominium Association Semi-Annual Meeting held October 1, 2003
at 7:00 p.m.

Introductions of those present:
#102 Iain Bryson
#202 Bob Petersen
#203 Denali Van Ness
#302 David Vogel
#303 Patricia Gribble
#304 Emilia Ploplys
as well as #104 Matt Roller's tenant, Angela Ramsayer

Owners not present: #101 Dylan Haas, #103 Chris Kalinski, #104 Matt Roller, #105 Holly Viola and Kevin Connelly, #106 Frank Shields, #201 Lisa Holley, #204 Jeanie Adams, and #301 Will Lint.

  1. Iain gave a budget update. Our expenses from January through August 2003 were $531.99 less than anticipated. We found an insurance carrier with lower rates, and also got a reduction in rate because The Gayle has a brick veneer vs. solid brick exterior (something that was not clear to our previous insurance carrier). Building repairs came to more than projected, as did sewer and water rates (due to increased consumption?). Merry Maids continued to come for a time after their firing, raising cleaning expenses, and banking fees were higher than expected because dues non-payments during some months caused our account balance to fall short. However, overall we are in adequate shape.
  2. As of September 2003, Lint and Haas were up-to-date with their dues payments.
  3. David addressed the common area cleaning effort, which continues to be less than stellar. The same people, who have our gratitude, end up doing the cleaning time and time again, while others do nothing. We are still looking for an effective method to facilitate the cleaning of: the common area carpets, including the stairs the front stairs (hosed down) and back stairs (swept) the laundry room. Bob suggested a system in which all owners would opt to either volunteer their time or to put money into a fund to cover cleaning expenses. He will write up a plan for this. Iain mentioned that it is still not in the building's best interest to pay a cleaning service, and Pat brought up the possibility of paying someone "in-house" to clean (perhaps with the pooled money from owners choosing to contribute financially instead of physically).
  4. David gave an update on the boiler, which is OK since the repair. So far, the old "knocking" noise in the pipes seems to be virtually gone. Reed Wright charged significantly less than what we had anticipated after they realized that we have a one-pipe system, which is simpler than the two-pipe system they expected. They will do a walk-through of each unit to check the condition and working order of individual radiators throughout the building to ensure maximum efficiency. If further individual radiator repairs are required, this will be considered a common expense. David anticipates that this inspection will occur in November, and he will advise owners and occupants of the specific date.
  5. David gave an update on the postal lock box. After the old lock box was vandalized, the post office notified the building that it needed to be fixed. We had two options: replace the box, or install a key switch in the intercom that would allow access to the mail carrier. We chose the latter option, which not only cost less than replacing the box, but is also less vulnerable to vandalism.
  6. It was decided that posting some house rules would be beneficial to all (rules below). It is hoped that outlining consequences will prevent future problems. Emilia also suggested that a better "spirit of community" would help in this area. Matt sent a suggestion for laundry room hours, but no one present deemed this necessary. The three major points discussed were: timeliness of dues payments; keeping common areas clear of personal items; and quiet hours. A rough draft of these rules appears below and will also be posted on the message board for suggestions/comments from all owners wishing to contribute thoughts. A final draft will be posted by December.
  7. Iain presented a petition distributed by a neighbor in a nearby building, who would like the city to install a traffic circle at Belmont and E. Harrison. Iain will post the petition.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30.

House Rules

  • Dues must be paid on time. In the event that an owner becomes delinquent by 30 days, a letter from the Board will be delivered stating that dues must be paid immediately. If, after 60 days, the owner still has not paid, his or her mortgage lender will be notified of the delinquency, as required by section 11.3 of the Declarations. Prompt payment of dues is essential to the Gayle's financial health.
  • Personal items cannot be stored in common areas, as stated in Article 5.7 of the Bylaws. Any owner storing items in common areas will be asked to remove them, and if he or she does not promptly do so, the items will be removed and disposed of as the Board sees fit. Accomodations will be made if pre-arranged with a board member.
  • "Quiet hours" begin at 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, and at 11 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Please be considerate of your neighbors and refrain from making noise audible outside your walls after these times.
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