17 April 2004

Owners present:
Dylan Haas #101
Iain Bryson #102
Matt Roller #104
Frank and Katie Shields #106
Denali Van Ness #203
Jeanie Adams #204
Will Lint #301
Pat Gribble #303

The meeting began at 2 PM with the discussion about how to avoid low attendance at future association meetings. It was decided that meetings should not be set months ahead of time. Instead, the secretary will contact members of the Association several weeks before April and October with two or three possible dates (one of which should be on a weekend) for a meeting. The date chosen by a simple majority of owners will be the meeting date.

Denali reviewed the issues discussed at the April 17 meeting. After seeing the finance report, the owners brainstorm ways to cut water consumption within the building. Suggestions included installing low-so showerheads and low-flow toilets in the future, and contacting the city for tips to reduce costs.

The issue of dues then came up, with Dylan requesting that his late fees be forgiven because, although his initial dues payments, because of a mixup, were not immediately received by her accountant, he had in fact arranged to pay for his first year's worth of dues in one lump sum. The Association decided to put his request to a vote, and unanimously voted to forget the fees. It was specified that this vote did not set a precedent for blanket late-fee "forgiveness." Late-fee disputes may be presented on a case-by-case basis to the board, and if given the go-ahead, may then be presented to the Association put to a vote to win donated his $100 in "late fees" to the general Gayle fund.

Jeannie raised the possibility of mold in the walls and has to be hiring mold experts checked the building. It was later decided this was not necessary, and no action was taken.

Pat Gribble was unanimously elected to the post of president of the board.

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