October 2004

Gayle Condo Association Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes

October 16th, 2004 at 1:30 p.m.

Owners present:
Iain Bryson #102
Chris Kalinski #103
Lisa Holley #201
Denali Van Ness #203
Will Lint #301
Patricia Gribble #303

Old issue

  • The insurance claim on the tree the Gayle lost due to Roto Rooter’s negligence should be settled shortly. Those present at the meeting chose to accept the insurance company’s counter-offer of compensation for the value of the tree and the arborist’s fee. Either David Vogel, who originally handled the matter, or a current board member, will contact the company with our acceptance of the counter-offer.

New Issues

  • The unclaimed mattress set found in the basement under the stairs (and cited as a fire hazard by the fire department) was set to be donated to a charity, which ended up rejecting it. This leaves us with no option but to haul it to the dump, unless any owner has a better (cheaper) solution.
  • The issue of common storage areas came up. Since they are no longer available for use by individuals for personal storage, we brainstormed ideas for new uses that would benefit the whole building. Iain Bryson suggested clearing out the under-stair area to make room for a bike rack which could hold three to four bicycles. These could be locked to the rack by each bike owner, but would be stored at the owner’s risk. Storage would be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In another discussion on common storage areas, Chris Kalinski volunteered to set up the closet nearest unit 105 in the basement to be a paint can storage area for leftover Gayle paint and any paint cans belonging to individual owners who wish to store them there. All paint cans stored by owners must be labeled with their unit number and dated.
  • Chris also volunteered to spruce up and organize the chamber leading to the boiler room, which is used mainly for storing gardening and other various Gayle supplies. There is a locking file cabinet located in the chamber which will be used for storage of Gayle Association papers once a usable key is located. Chris suggested twice-yearly clean-ups of common area storage, to take place at some time following the Association meetings.
  • Pat Gribble relayed a suggestion by Emilia Ploplys (#304) that we adjust our heating schedule to leave the boiler on constantly at moderate heat instead of on and off at certain times. Pat called Reed Wright, our boiler service company, and they told her that our current method of heating puts less wear and tear on the boiler, so the heating schedule will not be altered at this time. Lisa Holley suggested oil space heaters for owners of units who find the heat from the boiler inadequate.
  • Iain brought up the subject of encroachment by the owner of the house next door. A team hired by her to trim plants and trees along the pathway between her house and the Gayle cut down shrubs located on Gayle property. Iain will contact the owner to resolve this issue.
  • Lisa asked about the pet rule in the House Rules, which stated that pets were not allowed in common areas at any time. The rule has been clarified to read that pets are not allowed in common areas except as needed to enter and exit the building briefly.
  • Pat asked for input by owners regarding the possibility of limiting the number of rental units possible in the building. It is preferable for condo buildings to remain at least 60% owner-occupied, thereby avoiding falling into “investment status,” which would make selling units more difficult, as mortgage lenders would require a 20% down payment from new owners. To implement such a rule, we would have to amend our Bylaws. Will Lint will gather information about this, and Lisa will provide some names of condo law attorneys so that we have options, should the need arise for professional guidance.
  • Denali Van Ness brought up the need for all Gayle owners to participate in our building’s maintenance. When Jeanie moved out she left behind a list of chores she had performed, so that remaining owners could take over those responsibilities, and there are various other tasks also requiring attention. Since many owners may be unaware of the things that go into running the Gayle, Denali will make a list of tasks, which will be posted on the bulletin board by the mailboxes as a reminder.
  • The meeting was adjourned.
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