April 2005

Gayle Condo Association Annual Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2005 at 1:30 p.m.

Owners present:

Iain Bryson, #102
Chris Kalinski, #103
Matt Roller, #104
Denali Van Ness, #203
Randy Olesen, #204
Pat Gribble, #303

Not present were: Jeremy and Leisa Smith, #101; Holly Viola and Kevin Connelly, #105; Frank Shields, #106; Lisa Holley, #201; Bob Petersen, #202; Will Lint, #301; David Vogel, #302; and Emilia Ploplys, #304

Old issue:

  • Personal items are still being left in common areas. The lobby, basement (including the alcove under the stairs), and storage areas (minus the two designated storage unit areas) are not acceptable places to keep personal items. Any items left in common areas will be discarded.

New issues:

  • The Gayle’s finances for 2005 look good. We spent less than expected last year, largely due to lower insurance and water/sewer bills. Iain will reduce the amount of money kept in the checking account to approximately three months’ worth of expenses; the rest will go to the roof fund in automatic payments of $700 per month. This will bring the total of the roof fund to our goal of $30,000 by the end of the year. It was decided that the dues will remain at their current rates until the next budget review, barring any unforeseen occurrences. New projects for 2005 (and beyond):
  • Pat volunteered to contact landscapers to “beautify” the front exterior of the building. The settlement money from the destroyed cedar tree is earmarked for this project.
  • Denali will contact Frank Shields (who is a contractor) for referrals to painters. We appear to have paint left over from the previous painting jobs on the exterior rear staircase railings and the interior staircase railings, so all we need to find is the labor for this project. An owner volunteer would save us money.
  • Chris volunteered to get estimates on the future project of tuckpointing the south wall (and possibly other walls).
  • The roof will be reassessed in 2006, unless any problems crop up before then.
  • It was decided that the current cleaning schedule of monthly visits from Rent-a-Yenta will suffice for now. Owners are reminded to clean up after themselves, especially when they (or workers employed by them) track debris onto the carpeting or rear stairs.
  • As part of the beautification effort, Matt will look for historical photos to frame and hang on the first-floor walls to create a more welcoming environment. Chris suggested earmarking 1-2% of our budget for art purchases, with the goal being the eventual decoration of each floor.
  • Randy Olesen was elected to the post of Secretary of the Gayle.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.
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