5 November 2005

Owners present:

Partricia Gribble, #303
Laura Porto, #102
Chris Kalinski, #103
Denali Van Ness, #203
Randy Olesen, #204

New Issues
Bob Peterson currently does a fire check on a regular basis. He has requested a new volunteer to assume this responsibility. Denali has agreed to perform this task.

At our last meeting, Pat volunteered to get an estimate on landscaping the front area. This has been postponed until the spring time to allow Alicia's plantings to grow.

Chris has mentioned that he has heard a leaking toilet somewhere in the building.

Iaian sold his unit to Laura Porto. There was not a quorum present to elect a new treasurer. Laura volunteered to assume the position of Treasurer. In lieu of calling an additional meeting during the holiday season, a notice was posted in the lobby to allow each owner to vote on the proposal. Eight owners voted in favor of Laura. Given this simple majority, Laura has been elected as Treasurer.

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