25 April 2006 Meeting Minutes

Owner present:

Patricia Gribble, #303
Laura Porto, #102
Randy Olesen, #204
Will Lint, #301

Items Discussed
We have a large amount of cash in the roof fund. The account is currently a low-yield interest bearing account. Laura will investigate moving a bulk of the cash to another account that returns a higher interest rate, leaving sufficient funds in our checking account to cover monthly expenses.

The garbage and recycling keys have gone missing from the bulletin board area. If you know of their location, please return them. Also, if you need your own set of keys to the facilities, please let Pat know and she can make you copies.

Roof update - Pat will arrange to have the roof re-assessed this year to see if where it is in terms of replacement needs.

Front yard Landscaping - Pat has volunteered to contact City People Landscaping to get an estimate/evaluation on refurbishing the yard.

Light bulbs in common areas tend to burn out and not be replaced in a timely fashion. As this is a safety concern, please be sure to either replace bulbs or contact someone nearby who can assist you.

Pat reported that Chris has noticed a flickering light in the stairwell. An electrician will be contacted to evaluate the wiring.

Will Lint was nominated as the new Secretary. However, there was no quorum present to elect him to the post. Subsequent to the meeting, notice was sent to submit votes on the bulletin board. By unanimous vote (of those participating), Will's nomination has been confirmed.

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