May 2009

Gayle HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

3 May 2009

Meeting convened at Starbucks. Owners present: Laura Porto Stockwell, Michael O’Neill, Denali Van Ness, Will Lint, Meghan and Charley Traylor, Chris Kalinski., Holly Viola.

Review of 2008-2009 projects

  • The roof was replaced.
  • Roof deck issues- the current renter has “roof off limits” in her lease.
  • Boiler issues- possibly more than in previous years. The boiler is inspected at least once a year. We haven’t been given any indication that the boiler needs replacing or major work. Items should not be stored too close to the boiler. Denali wrote up a boiler info sheet including general info, what trouble-shooting, inspection info, and emergency numbers. This will be posted in boiler room.
  • Tenants- issues with, and eviction of. Current tenants seem to be responsible and cooperative.
  • Bike storage- the storage room was cleared out and reorganized. The project continues.
  • Smoking ban passed. Total Yes % based on ownership = 71.79%. The votes were as follows:
Yes 101 102 104 106 202 203 301 302 303
No 105
Abstain 103 2011 204
  • Laurels in back of building trimmed shared expense with building next door.
  • Security issues
    • People in boiler room. This was believed to be related to evicted tenants.
    • Door locks in building were all checked by Broadway Locksmith and found to be intact and appropriate.
    • Abandoned car in alley has been towed away.
    • Grafiti on side of building has largely disappeared (Kevin and Mike repainted several times)
    • Dumping of non-collectable waste (electronics, furniture) by dumpsters seems to have become less common.
    • Dumpster fires a recurring issue. Dumpster locks did not seem to hold
  • Finances: Holly V. presented the projected amount of money in the HOA account for this time ($72,000) and the actual amount ($66,000). Projected amount for this time next year is $69,000. Discussion of redistributing the savings ie: not saving as much for a new roof, seeing that we replaced it this year.

Motions passed

  • Chris K. made a motion to increase the HOA dues by %3 each year as of January 1st, 2010. The motion was seconded and a vote was held, and passed by every owner present at the meeting. The increase will be implemented 1/1/2010.
  • HOA Board elections were held- new Board is
    • Michael O’Neill, President;
    • Holly Viola, Treasurer; and
    • Meghan Traylor, Secretary

Unresolved issues

  • The windows in unit 303 and 103 have significant deterioration and leaking issues. This needs to be a priority for this next year. An estimate for repair will be obtained.

New Issues

  • The monthly check of the emergency lights used to be done by Easton Richmond. Since he is out of town, Chris K. offers to take over the duty.
  • People seem to be adjusting the thermostat in the entry way, resulting in fluctuation of temperature. The heating bills averaged $1500/month. A sign or a lockbox can be placed over the thermostat.
  • Discussion of changing light bulbs in common area- who’s responsibility? Extra bulbs in storage room. Change over to fluorescent?

Potential projects for the next year:

  • Painting the interior of the building, common areas- Charley
  • Slip-resistant paint for walkways- Chris
  • Locksmith to fix door by the mailboxes –Meghan (fixed)
  • Window issues in units 103 and 303- Chris and Mike
  • Alley dumpster- Denali requested a new one (has arrived)
  • Carpet cleaning-Charley
  • Fire extinguisher inspection- Denali (has been completed)
  • New fluorescent bulbs for common areas- Chris
  • Keep a crescent wrench in storage room for gas shut-off- Chris
  • Paint security bars black outside of unit 105-Holly
  • Laundry room rules-Denali wrote rough draft, Holly to edit.
  • Recycle old fluorescent bulb in laundry room- Chris (done)
  • Look into hot water heater- leased? How much life left?
  • Obtain a ladder to change outside lights-Chris?
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