Board Meeting Minutes 7-MAR-11

+March 7th, 2011 HOA Board meeting minutes

Meeting convened in unit 302 a 5:00 pm, attended by Mike O’Neill, President, Charley Traylor, Treasurer, and Meghan Traylor, Secretary.

  • Board voted to have Reserve Study Udate done by David Bach and Associates as mandated by RCW 64.34.380. (Meghan to coordinate)
  • Board voted to implement an assessment in the amount of $4000.00 to help cover costs of new hotwater heater. (Michael to coordinate)
  • Board voted to suspend HOA membership of a member as mandated by the Declarations regarding delinquency of HOA dues greater than 6 months.
  • Board voted to dismiss the $10.64 owed by one unit and the $3.00 amount owed by another unit. (Charley will coordinate with eCondo Services)
  • Charley will further investigate the Gayle’s insurance coverage.
  • The Board discussed and decided upon four ammendments to the Declarations to present to the HOA at the annual HOA meeting in April.
  • Meghan will send out a survey to determine best date for annual HOA meeting to be held in April.

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