2014 November HOA Meeting

Gayle Annual HOA Meeting Minutes
Oct. 26, 2014 held at Starbucks on Olive

Present: Katherine Douglas 106, Lisa Holley 201 (by proxy), Deborah Burmer 301, Charlie and Meghan Traylor 302, Bill Logan 101, Easton Richmond 304, Matt Roller 104, Denali Van Ness 203, Bill Mitchell 105.

1. Leak in the ceiling of #106

It was noted that some dripping from the ceiling has been observed as well as some moisture on the floor. Tenant says this has happened sporadically for years. It was thought it might be related to the boiler but some questions remained about this occurring in the summertime. Katherine agreed to address the issue with a plumber or Reed Wright to try to identify the cause.

2. Heating Issues and Security Issues

Bill M expressed concerns about lack of heat and security in the Basement and advised that a door be installed that we could keep people out and heat in. He also suggested a radiator for the hall. It was agreed recent adjustments by Reed Wright had improved the banging noises which it was felt was the top priority. Heat will be monitored to see if further action is needed and any signs of people illegally entering the basement reported by 911 and informing the board immediately.

3. Tree Root in front of building on Side walk

With the public at risk of tripping, Meghan agreed to get an assessment from a contractor and an arborist to insure the tree is not damaged.

4. Bars out side of #104

Matt let us know that after the window install the bars no longer fit properly. Necessary work the board offered to cover the expense for.

5. Garbage

Bill M expressed a desire to move the neighbors dumpsters by to the knowledge of those present the location is determined by the city. It was also mentioned that the city will be issuing fines if too much compost ends up the garbage so we need to be careful with this.

6. Lightbulbs and Traction Strips

Easton agreed to pick up some outdoor rated lightbulbs and sticky strips for the entrance ways.

7. Graffiti Removal

Meghan volunteered to do some painting

8. Interior paint and carpet

Deborah was going to look into ideas and possibly submit to the board a proposal and estimate.

9. Asbestos Removal

Bill L to contact AES to accept their bid for removing asbestos in the boiler and work areas. It was agreed to leave the old water tank in place. The work will require coordination with tenants for access to storage areas.

10. Entrance way of 105 and outside water spigot

Bill M to contact plumber about turning on the front water spigot and to install a lock on it. Estimate to be submitted to board. Painting of his landing area given an OK, but color should be in keeping with the rest of the building. Desire to install a railing or fence expressed but was not approved without board authorization.

11. Budget

Our reserves are healthy and it was agreed to have a 0% increase in dues this year.

12. New Board officers:

Easton Richmond to remain president. Matt Roller to become Treasurer. Deborah Burmer to become Secretary.

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