Raise dues 3% - unanimous vote of 10 of 10 attending owners plus 1 proxy. 4 owners not present, one voted by proxy. See attendee list for owners present.
One time special assessment of $12,500 to be divided by unit’s percent ownership and due on 01/31/2016. Vote same as above
HOA wiki www.516ethomas.info

Action Items

Daylight switch - only for carriage lights

Door hinges maintenance/estimate
Trash - Follow up with city on more frequent pickup
Investigate insurance coverage increase
Teach Deborah and Taylor how to use wiki
Create short document on how to edit wiki
(this may already be available on wiki) 

Sean & Stan
Swap out 6 LED lights and gather feedback on resident reaction
Provide contact info for his handyman

Paint and carpet estimates
Stay on rear stairway repair
Awning Estimates
Wiki passwords and hosting info for Bill

Paint and carpet estimates
Update eCondo with new board members

Brick work follow up

Meet with Reed Wright
Annual maintenance
Check on pump
Check on chimney
Send insurance contact info to Lisa
E&O Insurance confirm

Lexi - new resident boiler expert
Learn boiler blowdown process from Charley

Lisa - Send info to owners regarding personal earthquake insurance

HOA Meeting Notes 10/17/2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015
11:30 AM

Bill Logan, Unit 101
Alexia Regner, Unit 102
Chris Kalinski, Unit 103
Matt Roller, Unit 104
Elizabeth Holly, Unit 201
Denali Van Ness, Unit 203
Charley & Meghan Traylor, Unit 302
Stan & Sean Gent, Unit 303
Deborah Burmer, Unit 301
Easton Richmond, Unit 304
Robert Peterson by Proxy, Unit 202

Discussion Topics

HOA Election
Denali – President – on the conditions that HOA does still carry Errors & Omissions insurance to cover board members and that since this will be Denali’s fourth time serving on the board, her term will not extend past one year.
Deborah – Secretary (2nd term)
Matt – Treasurer (2nd term)

Deborah updating owner contact info

Easton - Tenant owner occupancy ratio

Co-ops - no one likes the idea

Keep our eye on the 50% owner ratio

Bill Logan- Front door hinges
Bill's special project
Maybe replace door jam

Stan can give a name and can Easton

Bill - Alley Trash

Find It Fix It app to report trash and other things — download on your phone http://www.seattle.gov/customer-service-bureau/find-it-fix-it-mobile-app

Bill Logan will follow up on trash, City of Seattle Trash Line 206-684-7587

Denali - Undesirable activity around building. Monitor it. Call non-emergency police number 206-625-5011
Have a description of the people you see. Everyone (let your tenants know) should pitch in to promptly clean up cigarette butts, syringe caps and general trash on around the building to help discourage more undesirable activity from trespassers.

Sean & Stan - Common Lighting. Lights outside are on. Swap in led lights
Daylight switch - Easton - more the 2 exterior - carriage light
Sean will install 6 LED lights. Want warm lighting

Deb - Interior Paint. Estimates - Meghan and Deborah to research

Meghan - Rear staircase repair. Investigate estimate for other landing (approx $4k) Estimate for awnings? Maybe have them give estimate on front door as well McLeod construction

Denali - first noticed it end of April. The stain appears to originate from the north wall, near the NW corner. Just a stain for now, will continue to monitor

Chris - Brick work. South side the worst - repair chimney north wall
$29K estimate Floating bricks. Would need to chat with Reed Wright about chimney and venting. Reed Wright has confirmed that the boiler does vent through the Chimney.

Charley - Boiler. Could value be added with other modes of heat What is the back-up plan? Variable refrigerant system - like a ductless heat pump except for whole building. Lexi has experience in boiler
Attend to the pump Denali has noticed squeeking noise in pipes - may be condensate pump
E&O insurance - liability for HOA Board – Actually called D&O insurance and we are covered.
Ask insurance agent - Charley will investigate – Yes, we are covered under D&O insurance
Underinsured currently

Lisa will send around info about personal earthquake insurance
Send insurance info to Lisa Assess what it would take to be more insured - Bill

Matt - Budget Current $20K in checking, $56 in reserves Should it be pro-rated? Should it be equal? 3% budget increase - start january Special assessment for $12,500 - January 31st

www.516ethomas.ino wiki - Bill can post meeting notes to it and teach up Deborah and Taylor

Taylor, Unit 301 wants to research history of building. City library starting point. Washington State Archives Website
1917? May have a different address originally Brothel at one time?


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