New Board Elected

  • President: Charley Traylor #302
  • Secretary: Lexi Regner #102
  • Treasurer: Jill Wilson #304

Highlights: No dues increase in lieu of a $15K special assessment. Budget resubmitted to Econdo.

New Declaration passed: NO SHORT TERM RENTALS LESS THAN 30 DAYS**

11 owners voted YES to pass this new declaration. 1 Voted NO. And 2 owners were not present for the vote
Vote was passed with a 78.5% YES vote. See sign-in sheet at bottom of page.

Name Unit Number VOTE
101 William Logan YES
102 Alexia Regner NO
103 Chris Kalinski NOT PRESENT
104 Matt Roller YES
105 William Mitchell YES
106 Katherine Douglas YES
201 Elizabeth Holley YES
202 Robert Peterson YES (by proxy)
203 Denali Van Ness YES
204 Randall Olesen NOT PRESENT
301 Deborah Burmer YES
302 Meghan Traylor YES
303 Arthur Stanley Gent YES
304 Jill Wilson YES

Action Items


  • Certificates of Insurance from owners - keep on file with eCondo
  • Scan and send to Charley to provide to eCondo
  • All owners and non-resident owners need to have this coverage
  • Please provide contact information for your renters if you own a rental unit.
  • Rental Unit owners – Please provide your tenants with rules and regulations for the building. Remind them to be gentle on both front and back doors.

Bill Logan and Tim Burmer

  • Broken front door handle - Bill Logan and Tim will have a look - remove piece and fill it in

Jill Wilson

  • Procure certificates of insurance for vendors to be kept on file with eCondo
  • Maybe put in a fake camera over front door - Jill will check on price
  • Replace fire door handle with lever handle instead of knobs
  • Replace PVC pipe on roof with wires on roof - service call to Comcast - Jill?
  • Provide Damp-X containers for laundry room?

Austin & Deborah Burmer

  • Break down old laundry room cabinet and dispose
  • Provide estimates for front landscape cleanup
  • Provide estimates for repaint of front stairs and stoop.

Bill Logan and Alex Wilson

Bill Mitchell

  • wants to paint his concrete porch - current paint may be getting old
  • Bill will confer with board before moving forward
  • Bill wants to install a security door/gate on his interior door. Confer with board before proceeding

Sean and Stan

  • Switch for front carriage lights
  • Review boiler proposal from Reed Wright (will provide when available)
  • Sean to replace bulbs with LED’s as needed.

Bill Logan

  • Investigate increasing insurance coverage and provide update to the Board, 1.7M in coverage = 10K sq ft - would cost $3M to replace. The building is stick built with brick façade.
  • Maintain front door

Meghan Traylor

  • Get some dog poo mitts for human poo pickup - keep in the basement

Charley Traylor

  • Contact arborist for tree trimming of small and large trees
  • File update to Declarations – no rental shorter than 30 days allowed
  • Send Lexi info regarding root investigation he did in 2014
  • Continue to blow down boiler

Meeting Minutes

  • Update on Bob - surgery next month - getting groceries delivered
  • Introductions - new owner Jill and Alex - Jill works for CBRE
  • Thank You’s - Denali
    • Frank - helped with leakage on basement wall - potential project - Deborah has estimate available
    • Sean and Bill Mitchell helped with storage clean out for basement remodel
    • Trash pick-up - ALL
    • Jill - paint over pry marks
    • Lexi - paint over graffitti
    • Charley - meeting with vendors etc
    • Meghan - taking Puget Sound guy around for gas leak

Review of past year

  • Cold water plumbing in basement - all redone- all common areas now complete -
  • Holdover issues in Mitchell's unit - Pete handyman coming in to finish work (Deb to follow-up with Bill and Peter)
  • Gas Leak - official new rule - carbon monoxide and smoke detectors required. Gas Leak - call (888)225-5773 or 911
  • Signage of roof - no walking on roof, adhere to explicit roof rules, etc…
  • Security Issues - scaffolding in back - vigilance - new rules
    • Denali worked with neighboring buildings to keep eye on things in our area
    • Non-emergency police #’s are posted in lobby.
    • Adhere to new laundry room rules to limit exposure to theft.
    • If building keys or code are compromised, owners are to immediately contact the board and have building rekeyed at their expense.
    • Note: There is a separate door code for vendors. Do not give out your personal code.
  • Recycling - weekly pickup - Denali and Bill Logan got it to weekly
  • Rear stair landings replaced - had dry rot
  • Developed payment plan to recoup fines from 106 from sale of unit next month
  • Roof inspected in the Spring - good bill of health
  • Board explored boiler issues
    • according to Reed Wright - boiler sits lower level than the pipes - solution will help out entire building - steam pipe revising to raise pipes $5-9K from Reed Wright - show proposal to Stan (Denali to forward)
    • Think about long term solutions - what happens when it fails completely - Variable refrigerant flow - could get heating and cooling $5-6K per unit as alternative
    • 106 and 105 have both had noise and lack of heat

Agenda Items

  • Tuck pointing in stages (Chris K ??)
  • No Dogs in the building - no action
  • Add to Declarations – No rentals/leases less than 30-days allowed (Lexi and/or Charley). All in agreement, 1 descent.
  • Owners with roof top unit to maintain/clean roof drain as needed.
  • Front Landscaping

Recurring Tasks Ownership (volunteers always welcome):

  • Monthly Fire Alarm Testing & Extinquishers (Denali)
  • Wiki Updater – Bill Logan (Alex W. backup)
  • Boiler Room Blow-down and annual boiler inspection (Charley)
  • Annual Window and (as needed) carpet cleaning (Deborah)
  • Exterior Cleanup’s (Deborah & Lexi)
  • Light Bulb replacement (Sean)
  • Hot Water heater maintenance (Charley) in November. Call Fast Hot Water Heating Company

Sign in Sheet

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