Oct 2017 Minutes


New Board Elected

  • President: Jill Wilson#304
  • Secretary: Alexia Regner #102
  • Treasurer: Amanda Muhlestein #201

Highlights: Last year's special assessment was not spent and will be rolled over into 2018. No dues increase or assesment. Budget resubmitted to Econdo.


Twelve owners voted YES to pass the amendment to last year's new declaration. Two owners were not present for the vote
Vote was passed with a 85.7% YES vote. See sign-in sheet at bottom of page.

Name Unit Number VOTE
101 William Logan YES
102 Alexia Regner YES
103 Chris Kalinski NOT PRESENT
104 Matt Roller YES
105 William Mitchell YES
106 Jason Nurmi YES
201 Amanda Muhlestein YES
202 Robert Peterson YES (by proxy)
203 Denali Van Ness YES
204 Randall Olesen NOT PRESENT
301 Danielle Stone YES
302 Meghan Traylor YES
303 Arthur Stanley Gent YES
304 Jill Wilson YES

Meeting Minutes

- new owners Danielle and Curt in #301 and Jason in #106

Thank You’s - Jill

  • Meghan - replacing the call box
  • Bill Mitchell - repainted the dumpster
  • Deborah - cleaning and painting stairs
  • Jill - paint over pry marks
  • Lexi - paint over graffitti
  • Charley - meeting with vendors etc
  • Meghan - taking Puget Sound guy around for gas leak


  • Operating account very healthy because we couldn't get vendors. Budget line items have approx 3% increase but no dues increase or special assessment because we can use extra operating funds.
  • Increase amount of transfer to reserves (up to $1000)
  • Items not completed: steam piping, tuck pointing
  • Some members confused by budget showing a loss when we do not project that. It was explained that it’s just showing the amount that will need to be transferred in from reserves as surplus from 2017 that was put to the reserves when we couldn't find vendors.

Insurance Coverage

  • This was investigated and found to adequate by Stan and Bill Logan, they were the ones concerned and they are satisfied

Hot water piping and recirculation

  • Review of timeline for the uninformed and new owners of the recirculation pump that was installed in #106 utilizing the cold water piping and ordered to be removed
  • Subsequent functional recirculation line then installed resulting in shorter waits for hot water for the whole building
  • Bill's concerns about piping
    • cold water pipes and hole under his sink- concerns
    • slow drain- snake recommendations

Boiler issues

  • Reed Wright: it is hard to get them to schedule us.
  • Talk of finding a vendor if RW won’t do what we want
  • Boiler came on for the first time last night
  • Question was raised on whether raising the temperature of the thermostat or pressure of the boiler allow for better flow? Likely not.
  • Charley warns all owners about valve position and radiator operation and informs owners that tenants must follow these rules or owners will be billed for damages


  • we can’t move them over because of the grade of the alley and we can’t split them because it would make the alley too narrow.
  • Installing a light? light pollution? Bill is okay with it. Action item for board
  • Ask rent-a-yenta to clean alley. We need to find a service Jill will do this (and speak with building next door)
  • Jill will talk to Recology about frequency of pick ups
  • Dumpster locks- we will try in again on garbage and recycling
  • dumpster size- lock them and see how much we really use, then consider downsizing
  • Meghan will talk to Glengarry abut the laurel trees

Possible Front Door Repalcement

  • Decided by all based upon Bill L.’s report that it is okay for now
  • Stan will give epoxy for repairs to Sean to give to Bill L.

Rental Cap Increase

  • Do we want this? Jill proposes we change the guidelines. We talked about possible benefits
  • Official Vote: All in favor
  • We will need set up an official wait list possibly with seniority taken into account. No decision was made about the wait list because there is no one waiting at this time. This will be done when/if it is needed.

Brick Chimney Repairs

  • How bad is it? Jill says there is a huge crack
  • We need to get someone out to assess. Jill will take it on because access is through her unit
  • side note: tether ball. Lexi will help

Long term maintenance

  • this year the board will set up a game plan for the long term

Short-term Rental Fines

  • less than 30 day rental violations should have the same enforcement as smoking fines
  • official Vote: all in favor

Gayle History

  • Denali presented: formerly the De Hart, women owned. Was up for public auction
  • Owners decided we would like that framed for display, Denali will do that


  • West side windows suck and wont seal. Information was requested about who did it.
  • Will the board/building pay for repairs or are we under warranty from the original company? Someone will track that info down


Recurring Tasks Ownership (volunteers always welcome):

  • Monthly Fire Alarm Testing & Extinquishers (Denali)
  • Wiki Updater – Bill Logan (Alex W. backup)
  • Boiler Room Blow-down and annual boiler inspection (Charley)
  • Annual Window and (as needed) carpet cleaning (Deborah)
  • Exterior Cleanup (Deborah & Lexi)
  • Light Bulb replacement (Sean)
  • Hot Water heater maintenance (Charley) in November. Call Fast Hot Water Heating Company

Sign in Sheet

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