Nov 2018 Minutes

The Gayle annual HOA meeting: 10:00 am Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Location: 1600 E Olive Way, Starbucks meeting room

New Board Elected

  • President: Jill Wilson #304
  • Secretary: Amanda Muhlestein #201
  • Treasurer: Bill Logan #101

Highlights: 3% increase in dues to start 2019. Budget updates needed based on padding for annual maintenance. New paint and carpet for interior will be prioritized.

Meeting Minutes

Dues Increase

  • No one wanted a 13% or 10% increase in dues
  • Our budget is too padded - we need to knock it down to more realistic figure
  • All in favor of a 3% HOA dues increase based on a formal vote

Call Box Damage

  • Security call box works, but metal box surrounding it was bent/damaged
  • Security camera is gone
  • Jill contacted company to repair (Belger)
  • Does anyone want bars on the doors? Everyone said ‘no’
  • Reviewed whether real cameras would be more effective - Nest was mentioned
  • Jill to follow up and research Bulger lock/key and ATD

Common Space Painting & Carpet replacement

  • New paint & carpet - general consensus for projected work in 2019
  • Amanda to follow up with comparable bids for painting and carpet install
  • Paint colors and carpet TBD to review with those interested
  • New lights requested due to poor lighting on 1st & 2nd floors - will take this on as part of the painting project

Downsizing dumpsters

  • Locks implemented this year has been a success! Much less noise & garbage in the alley
  • Now that we have locks on the dumpster we need to access our weight/use, so that we can determine if we need to go down a size for garbage


  • Recommendation to consider a service to come quarterly - monthly is too expensive
  • General consensus is that quarterly visits are too much/waste of money based on how little sun our front exterior scape gets - not worth the expense so 2-3 times a year so ad-hoc maintenance is fine
  • Megan has tried to contact the Glen Geary about the laurels in the back of the building, with no response from the property manager

Property management

  • What are the comparable services for property management in the marketplace? What options do we have to increase the amount of services needed, other than what we have currently (financial management only)
  • Jill will follow up and talk to Alycia and discuss cost to increase service, as well as research pricing and comparable alt options


  • Rent-A-Yenta comes 2x a week but doesn’t seem to be mopping the back stairwell or dusting
  • They should be: vacuuming, sweeping front, light mop back and front stairs, dusting railings/cobwebs, laundry room vacuuming/mopping, taking out trash, wiping down washer/dryer
  • General consensus that Rent-a-Yenta is a good company and may need follow up and a conversation to ensure that they’re aware of what needs to be done - give the cleaning company another opportunity before looking for a new one
  • Amanda to follow up and make sure that these things are being done - suggestion to provide a sign-off sheet to log and capture times they are onsite

Brick repairs

  • Tuck pointing was discussed last year
  • Bill, Jill & Amanda to follow up with getting a quote for scope of work with quotes needed
  • Stan can connect us to the right people for first steps/contractor recommends

Recurring Tasks (on a volunteer basis)

  • Monthly Fire Alarm Testing and extinguishers (Denali)
  • Wiki Updater (Bill, Amanda M. backup)
  • Boiler Room Blow-down and annual boiler inspection (Amanda)
  • Annual Window Washing (Jill) and carpet cleaning (TBD)
  • Exterior Cleanup (Amanda M.)
  • Light Bulb replacement (Bill)
  • Hot Water heater maintenance in November - Call Fast Hot Water Heating Company (Amanda M.)
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