2020 October Meeting Minutes

The Gayle annual HOA meeting: 11:00 am Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Online Zoom Virtual Meeting

HOA Board

  • President: Bill Logan #101
  • Secretary: Amanda Muhlestein #201
  • Treasurer: Matthew Williamson #302

Meeting Minutes


  • 3% Increase of Dues for 2021 approved

New HOA officer Selection

  • Owners deferred election of new officers.
    • Update: As of 3/14/21 New Board Members have been elected:
      • President: Wes Williamson #302
      • Treasurer: Alex Hyman #102
      • Secretary: Jason Numi #106

Corona Virus and common area precautions

  • Update on current guidelines given by Denali

Follow up on Sewer Repair

  • Concrete section of pipe under front sidewalk was replaced instead of installing a liner - January 2020
  • With insurance rebate, total expense did not require a special assessment
  • Annual Scope recommended by Fischer

Water heater

  • A new water heater was installed May 2020

Leak in the walls of 304

  • A small intermittent leak within the walls of 304 (where the kitchen drain connects to the main) was identified by a professional leak detector.
  • Portions of plaster/drywall were remediated and replaced by Fischer in the common areas of the back stairwell and laundry room, as well within units 304 and 204
  • Insurance Claim was denied, appeal is pending

Interior painting

  • Interior Painting to commence in late October/early November. Amanda to update owners

Carpet and lighting Fixtures

  • New carpet and lighting fixtures for the common areas are expected to be installed after painting is completed


  • Landscaping of the front of the building was delayed due the pandemic, expected for 2021

New Door for 2nd Floor hallway

  • 2nd floor door of main stairwell is in need of replacement


  • Annual inspection included an internal inspection from the city. Gaskets and a new boiler plate were installed and inspection was passed.

Sink in utility room

  • Sink in utility room is in need of replacement, standalone unit to be installed by handyman

Dumpsters / Alley

  • Some locks went missing this year and were replaced
  • The board coordinated with owner of the 510 E Thomas, who's dumpsters are next to ours.
  • City agreed to increase frequency of pickup
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