The Gayle annual HOA meeting: 11:00 am Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Online Zoom Virtual Meeting

HOA Board

  • President: Jason Numi #106

Meeting Minutes


  • 5% Increase of Dues for 2024 approved

New HOA officer Selection

  • President: Jason Numi #106
  • Treasurer: Bill Logan #101
  • Secretary: Stan Gent / Sean Morrow #303


  • Kurt and Daniel 301
  • Sean Morrow and Stan Gent 303
  • Jason Numi 106
  • Shane and John Leith 105
  • Bill Logan 101
  • Denali Ness 203
  • Michaela 302


  • Proof of Notice: written notice of meeting was mailed to all owners.
  • Approval of Last meeting Minutes: minutes were unavailable.
  • Heat Sensors: Updated units to be installed before end of year
  • Door Security: New security plate to be installed on front door
  • Call Box Upgrade: Bill volunteered to work on the call box to add missing phone numbers, change owner general entry code and check for a vendor code.
  • Landscaping: John Leith volunteered to work on maintaining and improving the landscaping. It was agreed that John be reimbursed for his expenses as long as it stayed within the approved budget for landscaping.
  • Interior Cleaning: New cleaning service to begin before end of year
  • The meeting adjourned with many thanks to 2023 officers for all the hard work they have put into their duties as HOA officers.
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