Draft of change in monthly dues payment rules

Payment of monthly dues

Dues must be paid on time. In the event that an owner becomes delinquent by 15 days, the owner shall receive notice from the Gayle's manager stating that the deliquency and a late fee of $50 must be paid immediately.

If, after 60 days, the owner still has not paid, the amount due will be charged interest and his or her mortgage lender will be notified of the delinquency, as required by section 11.3 of the Gayle Declarations. In addition, the manager will refer the debt to an independent collection agency. If the collection agency is unable to collect the debt, the collection agency and manager will refer the debt to an attorney who will take legal action to collect the debt.

Fees associated with the collection of delinquent dues shall be paid by the delinquent owner. The schedule of fees listed below are for reference only: these fees may change at any time.

Current fees charged by the manager are:

  • $23.50 for the first letter notifying of delinquency
  • $37.50 for subsequent certified letters
  • $91.00 for transferring the debt to a collection agency

Current fees charged by the manager's collection agency are:

  • $151 for opening a new collection account and establishing a payment plan with the owner
  • $31 for each month the debt is in collection
  • $71 for each letter needed to remind an owner to meet the agreed payment plan
  • $121 for filing a lien with the county and notifying the owner of said lien
  • $61 for turning over the collection to an attorney for legal action

Fees charged by an attorney will vary based on the action required. All attorney's fees shall be paid by the delinquent owner.

Dues delinquent prior to 15-April-2010 shall be governed by prior rules, provided that the owner pays 150% of monthly dues each month on time until such time as the delinquency is corrected. If an owner who has a delinquent assessment from before 15-April-2010 and fails to pay 150% of monthly dues on time each month, the delinquency shall be immediately handed to the manager, and possibly to the collection agency.

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