November 2013 HOA Meeting Minutes

Gayle Annual HOA Meeting Minutes
Nov. 3rd, 2013 held at Starbucks on Olive

Present: Stan Gent and Sean Morrow 303, Lisa Holley 201, Deborah and Taylor Burmer 301, Charlie and Meghan Traylor 302, Bill Logan 101, Chris Kalinski 103, Easton Richmond 304.

1. Smoke and CO Detectors

Concerning Washington's new carbon monoxide detector law, Denali's finding were shared with those present:

"I called the City's Fire Marshal's office and asked about the law's application specifically to condo buildings.  I was told that at the moment, in a condo building such as ours that is not a new construction, the only units that are required to install CO detectors are those that are *rentals*, or are doing construction work extensive enough to require a permit.  Any unit on the market from Jan. 1st on will also have to have a detector installed prior to sale.  The law says that detectors must be installed inside the units, near sleeping areas, so the HOA does not have to install them in common areas.  I interpret all of this to mean that it's the responsibility of each owner to install a detector if required/desired in that unit, and that the HOA isn't on the hook for the costs. That said, I hope that the reminder will prompt people to buy detectors, even if not legally required in their unit, because they are important, and it's been noted that exhaust sometimes is detectable in the boiler room." It was suggested that a CO detector be placed in the boiler room, Bill will follow up with this.

2. Boiler and Heating Issues

Reed Wright was out to check on the boiler recently after some loud noises were heard well beyond the typical sounds. No new problems since that visit. Charlie to continue doing weekly blow downs for now, but owners will continue to check the log to see if it is needed. Charlie to cap the vent that Reed Wright suggested could be capped.

3. South facing Fire Escape repair

A support gusset had become detached over the summer and was repaired to make it safe and functional by James Athan of Ace Ironworks.

His email stated "…the Fire Escape is in need of the grates replaced and restorative paint job .  The grates are very rusted out and at some point on an inspection the Fire Dept will probably Yellow or Red Tag the unit. Aprox cost for a complete restoration is between $5500 and $7000 depending on what else "hidden" or unseen while replacing/ restoring the unit…."

Stan Gent suggested replacing the grates with galvanized steel might be a less expensive solution then restoration.

4. Earthquake Insurance Deductible

From Tim at eCondo: "Please see the attached earthquake insurance letter received today from Soundview Insurance and the approved 2013 budget. As noted in the letter, last year we paid $3,798 for the 5% deductible. The 5% deductible this year Is $4,140 versus $3,726 for a 10% deductible. Last fall, we budgeted a 3% increase for the May 13th renewal or about $3914. The decision was made earlier in the year to continue with the 5% deductible and this was shared with the group. The policy is to be emailed by Bill to all owners to look at. Our coverage is up to 1.5 million, which it turns out is substantially less then the value of all 14 units combined. It was discussed that perhaps a higher deductible with a higher level of coverage would be more advantageous.

5. Recyclables in Garbage Notice from SPU

Notice was shared. Two more warnings and we could begin to receive $50 fines. No more than ten percent garbage allowed in recycling bin.

6. Keys

Issues with keys working have been resolved, but it was agreed that have the common area locks changed would be a good idea. Easton to get estimate and follow up. Easton also to make copies of the master key to the lock box and distribute to board members.

7. Windows

It was agreed that replacement of the North and West windows should proceed in the Summer of 2014. Although we had transferred $20,000 from our operating account in Dec. 2012 to the reserves, our operating balance is still quite high (currently at $28,600) and could fund all or a significant portion of the cost and still be at a reasonable levels.

8. LED Lights for the Outside/Common Areas

It was agreed that these would be a worthwhile and cost effective purchase in the long term. Meghan to follow up.

9. Failing Mortar and Drainage on the Roof and Stairs.

Easton to continue to keep an eye on the roof's drain and clear as needed to prevent standing water. The condition of the chimney was discussed and if not for the boiler venting through it, how it would be worthwhile for it to be decommissioned. This is a problem that needs further consideration and Chris volunteered to seek out professional opinions for a solution as well as on the general condition of the building's exterior.

10. Landscaping and Tree trimming.

Meghan will continue to contact Garcia Landscaping as needed.

11. HOA meeting for 2014.

Lisa proposed two HOA meetings per year. At present we will plan for the next meeting to be in the Spring of 2014.

12. Budget

Our reserves our currently at $49,000. A dues increase of 2.5% was proposed and accepted by those in attendance. The board is informing Tim at eCondo and a revised proposed budget will be circulated.

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