DRAFT: Non Resident Owners

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Expectations of Non-resident owners

  1. Owners who do not live in the building have the same obligations to the HOA as resident owners. (See the list of owner responsibilities for more information.)
  2. Owners of units which are tenant-occupied or unoccupied must remain reachable by the board. When a need arises, they are expected to respond to, or to hire a management firm to respond to, requests from the board for attention to their unit.
  3. The board of directors exists to deal with owner issues; tenants are the responsibility of their landlords (the non-resident owners), unless otherwise appropriate in a given situation.
  4. An annual or semi-annual inspection of a rental/unoccupied unit is expected to be performed by its owner (or hired professional, if desired by the owner). This was recommended by our insurance agent to protect non-resident owners, and the building itself, from problems in a rental unit that might go undetected by tenants.
  5. Owners will promptly provide the board with contact information for every person living in their rental unit. Owners will be the emergency contacts for their tenants.
  6. Owners will provide their tenants with current copies of our House Rules and other relevant paperwork which governs behavior in the Gayle. The tenants will be made aware that they are expected to follow our rules. Their landlords will be expected to enforce the rules, and will be held responsible for the behavior of their tenants.
  7. Owners will forward their tenants those emails and other communications from the board which affect, or apply to, their tenants. The board will send these communications to owners, who are responsible for passing them on.
  8. It was strongly suggested by our insurance agent that the Gayle require each owner of a rental unit to purchase a condo owners’ liability policy which specifically allows for tenant occupancy. This would protect the HOA and individual owners in case of damage to the building that originated inside a unit and was not covered by the Gayle’s insurance.
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