4 October 2011 Board meeting

The Gayle HOA Board met at 6pm in unit 302. Easton Richmond, Denali Van Ness, Meghan and Charley Traylor were in attendance. Items discussed were:

South wall window project: replacement and attic insulation will occur in late October. Mid-Pacific working with PSE on subsidy program.-

Yard Waste bin- the Gayle Condos were signed up for the city yard waste program by Denali, and Chris Kalinski has expressed interest in being the program's representative for the Gayle. If an owner takes the requisite 1-5 hour class, each unit will be given a free food wasted bin, and the Gayle will get a $100 credit towards the bill.

Budget: the Board analyzed, modifed, and resubmitted the yearly budget to eCondo. A meeting will be held for owners to approve/disapprove the budget in the next few weeks.

Dues increase: The Board voted unanimously to raise HOA dues this year (2012) by 5%.

Delinquent dues: The Board is currently consulting with eCondo as to how to pursue collection of delinquent dues owed by Will Lint. Current amount owed is over $5000.

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