Welcome New Owner

Welcome to the Gayle!

As a new owner, you are now a member of the Gayle Condo Association, made up of the 14+ owners of this building. The Association is headed by a volunteer board consisting of a president, a treasurer, and a secretary. We do not have a building manager, so please do not hesitate to contact the board members in person, or by other means, with any questions or problems you may have. Other owners can also be good sources of information.

The following is some basic information about how this building runs, with the points requiring your immediate attention listed first. From time to time, the need for change arises, but any changes will be announced on the message board near the mailboxes, and/or by letter/email.


The Gayle Condo HOA utilizes eCondo Services for assistance/management of budget, due collection, etc. Each unit's Association dues must be received by eCondo by the last day of the month. You should have received an information packet from them in the mail. Their mailing address is:

The Gayle Condo Association
c/o eCondo Services
PO Box 50444
Bellevue, WA 98015-0444

eCondo Services can also help you sign up for autmatic withdrawal as well.

Timeliness of dues payments is necessary to ensure that the Gayle has enough money to pay monthly common expenses such as garbage, sewer, water, insurance, accounting, etc., as well as to avoid bank penalties. Also, a portion of each month's income goes into a separate savings account earmarked for the future replacement of the roof. Dues received after the last day of the month are considered late, and the delinquent owner will be assessed a late fee of 10%. It is the responsibility of each owner to ensure that each month's payment is on time (checks delayed in the mail will be considered late—so send early).


Please review the house rules agreed upon at previous Association meetings or by the board. They are intended to make life pleasant for all occupants of the Gayle. Please ensure that you and your guests or tenants follow them. If you have special circumstances that prevent you from following one of the rules, please contact a board member to see if a temporary allowance can be made for you.


This is a secure building, with an intercom entry system for guests. If you choose to have a number assigned to you, you need to have a local (206) phone number to connect the intercom to your unit and allow you to "buzz" guests in. A land line seems to work best, however a cell number may be possible. A code passed out by the president will provide keyless entry to residents of the building, if desired. Obviously, for security reasons, neither your building key nor your code should be given to a non-resident.


The board keeps a copy of each unit's door key and, if desired, mailbox key. Providing a current door key upon moving in or subsequently changing your lock is requested for emergency purposes, such as containing a water leak or fire that occurs when the occupant of a unit is not home. Entry for non-emergency purposes, such as radiator maintenance, will be announced in advance on the message board and email.

In addition, if you ever lose your keys you can borrow copies from the "keeper of the keys" (usually a board member) so that you can have a new set made.


No structural alterations, additions, or major improvements may be made to a unit without prior written consent from the board. Attaching any appliance to the plumbing system also requires board permission.


The current members of the board are: Easton Richmond (unit #304), President ;Denali Van Ness (unit #202), Treasurer;
and Meghan Traylor (unit #302), Secretary.


When you bought your unit you received two packets of Gayle rules and regulations: "The Bylaws of the Gayle Condominium" and "The Declaration of Condominium Ownership for the Gayle". We rely on these documents to govern the Gayle.


At present we employ a monthly cleaning service, Rent-A-Yenta, for the common areas of the building.

However, since Rent-A-Yenta comes only twice a month, the common areas may become dirty between cleanings. All owners are responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of common areas. Please refrain from littering outside the building, or in the common areas inside, and do dispose of any trash or several-days-old newspapers you find there. There is a vacuum in the basement utility room for vacuuming carpeted floors and stairs, and a broom for sweeping the front and back steps and the laundry room floor.


The common areas include the entire exterior of the building, the back and front steps and entryway, and the gardens/planters. They also include all interior hallways and stairs, as well as the basement level (excluding the two living units located in the basement and the interiors of each storage unit) and roof (excluding the private deck that sits on the roof outside of unit #304). Personal items may not be stored in common areas. Nothing may be hung from windows or the exterior of the building, and the only items to be kept in the planters and gardens are plants. Pets are not allowed in common areas due to hygiene and allergy issues, nor is smoking allowed in common areas. Do not smoke underneath windows or on the rear stairs.


The Gayle has a garbage dumpster and a recycling dumpster in the alley. Please verify that you put your recycling into the recycling dumpster, and use only the ones marked "516 E. Thomas," as the other dumpsters belong to another building. The dumpsters are kept locked to prevent "dumping" by non-occupants; a key to unlock both of the padlocks hangs on the message board. There are extra copies available to owners who want their own keys. Glass is recycled separately in a smaller, unlocked container near the two dumpsters.


The garden is communal property; any owner may plant in available garden space.

Watering the common garden area is the responsibility of all owners, but be advised that you may be the only person looking after your plantings. The hose is hooked up to the back of the building, and some gardening tools are kept in the "janitorial" closet in the basement. A hose key is needed to turn the water on and off; this key can be found in the tool area or on the shelf by the mailboxes.


Mounted on the ceiling in each unit's entryway. They are required by city code to be kept in working order. Do not disturb them, as they are sensitive to touch. Note that they are NOT meant to replace smoke detectors (so provide your own); they detect only heat.


The laundry room is in the basement (the first door on your left). It can be opened with your general exterior building key, and is kept locked because some owners’ storage units are also located inside. While there are no set "laundry hours," please be considerate of the basement/ground floor occupants who might hear laundry room noise. Use of the washer and dryer is on a first-come/first-served basis. Please make an effort to retrieve your laundry as soon as the wash or dry cycle is done so that the next person does not have to wait for you. Remember to clean the lint trap of the dryer after each use, and to promptly clean up spills or debris (one past problem has been pieces of rubber from bathmats that crumbled in the dryer). Please also remove as much loose dirt/debris or animal hair as possible from laundry BEFORE placing it in the washing machine. The washing machine's cycle lasts about 30 minutes and costs $1, and the dryer's cycle lasts 60 minutes and costs 75 cents, plus 25 cents for an extra 20 minutes. Income from the washing machine and dryer goes into the Gayle's general account. To report problems with either machine, alert the board and/or call Automatic Laundry Company at (425) 640-2799, and be sure to post a sign on the affected machine so that others know of the problem.


The wiring in this building is old and cannot tolerate bulbs over 60 watts inside individual units (unless you have proof that your unit’s wiring has been updated) or in common areas. We have tried to change out all old bulbs to compact flourescent bulbs (13W CFLs). Please use these only in the common areas. Replacement bulbs FOR COMMON AREAS ONLY are kept in the tool area/storage closet in the basement. Please notify the current board president if supplies are low, or purchase bulbs and submit receipt to the Board for reimbursement.


Outgoing mail may be placed for collection on the ledge by the bulletin board. Please do not leave your unwanted junk mail by the mailboxes; dispose of it in your own unit or recycle it outside.


We meet at least annually, in April (date and place TBA). The exact date for each meeting is set based on the greatest number of owners who choose one of several dates suggested by the board a few weeks prior to the meeting. Our meetings serve as forums to discuss building-related issues or problems, to vote on solutions, and to update owners on the status of old issues. Also, a new board is elected every April, or as needed. Since matters discussed at meetings may directly affect you, your attendance is expected.


Notices such as agendas for upcoming Association meetings; memos regarding Gayle issues or problems; memos advising owners of upcoming inspections; notes/questions from one occupant to all; as well as the House Rules and Service Directory, will be posted on the bulletin board and dry-erase board by the mailboxes. Check this area frequently. Feel free to make use of the message boards (for Gayle purposes only).


Please keep in mind that noise from TVs, stereos, vacuums, dishwashers, heavy footsteps or voices inside units or in hallways, etc. can travel across walls, up through ceilings, and especially down through floors. The Gayle's "quiet hours" begin at 10:00 p.m. on weekday nights, and at 11:00 p.m. on weekend nights; consideration of your neighbors early in the morning also is appreciated. See House Rules.


Our pipes are old and fussy; for more info, see our plumber’s memo from 4/04.


These radiators must be kept completely on or completely off (not partially on). It is each owners responsibility to IMMEDIATELY report any issues with the radiators in their units, or if noticed in a common area. The Gayle's boiler/radiator system is an effective but fragile and interdependent system. Every radiator needs to be functioning without fail (ie no leaks) for the entire system to work.


If you buy anything for general Gayle use (such as a plant for the garden or supplies we are low on), keep your receipt and submit it to the treasurer for reimbursement. If you are unsure whether an expense will be approved for reimbursement, consult a board member prior to purchasing the item(s). Repairs within your unit must be approved by the board before work begins, if you think that they are the HOA’s responsibility to pay for. Generally, the board requires three bids (obtained by you).


Since the Gayle is not under professional management, ALL OWNERS are responsible for the upkeep and condition of the building. Each of us has the obligation to promptly report to the board problems in common areas (such as a hose leak outside or a crack in the exterior) and to immediately remedy emergencies within our own units, such as fire or overflowing sink, etc., since these problems can spread quickly to adjoining units. Be especially vigilant about radiator leaks, since they can damage your floors and the ceilings of units below. A memo detailing general responsibilities of owners, and listing tasks necessary to Gayle maintenance, is posted on the bulletin board.


There is a fire extinguisher mounted on a wall on each floor and in the basement. The fire control panel is located in the utility room in the basement. Boiler, electrical, and water shut-offs are also in this area. Gas shut-off is in a closet next to the utility room. Access to the roof is through a hatch in the third-floor rear stairwell ceiling (with a ladder); via the fire escape (in an emergency); or, FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES or if PRE-ARRANGED with the owner, through the upstairs loft door of unit #304. Immediately report to the police any suspicious persons or activities inside or around the Gayle. While this is a relatively safe neighborhood, there have been prior instances of vandalism, break-in attempts, drug paraphernalia left in the bushes behind the building, transients camping out in the alley….We hope to avoid this in the future. Do not let people unknown to you into the building, and do not give out security codes or building keys. Also, keep common doors (front and back doors, laundry room, storage unit closet) locked for everyone’s protection. Be aware that leaving personal items, even for just a short time, in common areas that are visible from outside the building may attract vandals or thieves (i.e. leaving a bicycle in the basement).


Due to poor ventilation, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Gayle; neither common areas nor within your unit. This includes common entry ways and the back staircase. Do not leave, or allow your guests to leave, cigarette butts around the building, in the planters, etc. See house rules.


The closet to your right (behind the double doors) as you enter the basement contains supplies intended for use in common areas. There are light bulbs for the hallways, a vacuum, cleaning products, garden tools, etc. Also in this room are the fire control panel, and boiler, electrical, and water shut-offs.


The boiler room is through the heavy sliding door that is located in the utility room. The hotwater heater is also located in this room. Both systems are gas powered. This area is off-limits to personal projects. Please use utility room instead.


Each unit is assigned one (labeled) storage locker. Some are at the rear of the laundry room; the rest are located next to that, behind a padlocked door. (Ask a board member for the code if your storage area is there.) Keep your belongings inside your own storage unit, and do not store dangerous items or hazardous materials there. Provide your own lock. Note: temperatures in the basement fluctuate, and the storage areas could flood, so storage of valuable or delicate belongings is at your own risk.

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