Window Replacement Project

Below is some further information on the window options for the building. Please note that, because we are not replacing all the windows in the building, we can't have any kind of window grille.

The windows the Associations is paying to have installed are the Series 2 windows. These are the same type of window as those on the brick building across (and down) the street from the Gayle.

Subject: From Carol at Renewal by Andersen
Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 14:30:22 -0700
From: Carol Evans
To: Mike O'Neill

Hi Michael,

Attached is:

  1. The PDF for the Series 1.
  2. A PDF of the series 2.
  3. Contract for West side of building (legal size paper would work best for this).
  4. Labeled picture of the building.

Biggest differences between the two windows:

Series 2 (what the HOA will pay for):

  • Single hung (only opens from the bottom)
  • Fiberglass screen
  • White interior with white positive action hardware.
  • Does not tilt in for cleaning.

Series 1 or Renewal window (upgrade choice by owner):

  • Double-hung (Opens from top and bottom).
  • Both sashes tilt in for cleaning
  • Tru-scene invisible screen on whole window (lets in more light) with stainless locks for easy removal
  • Wood interior (you can choose white trim, which reduces the cost per window by about $100)
  • Stone colored cam locks (more traditional)
  • Generally, a more traditional window for old sash pockets (rope and weight replacement)

What you get with both:

  • Equal sound control.
  • Equal U-value for insulation (.29)
  • Equal Solar heat gain co-efficient (.2)
  • Coil wrap exterior the same on both types of windows
  • You will get to keep your interior trim.
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